👋  Hi, I'm Akshay. Great to have you here.

I design ✨, I code , I write ...

✨ Front-end Development ✨

I like front-end, I hate front-end. I love to create attractive HTML designs, I find those challenging but I also hate those pesky little CSS issues.

  • The obvious: HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
  • UI: Bootstrap, Bulma, Tailwind, Materialize.
  • JavaScript: Alpine, VueJS, React.

💻 Back-end Development 💻

Mostly, I do Back-end development in PHP but I also like JavaScript and I am doing some experiments in TypeScript too.

  • The obvious: PHP, JavaScript.
  • Frameworks: Laravel, ExpressJS, AdonisJS.
  • Databases: MySQL/MariaDB, Postgres.

🔧 Tools 🔧

Married to Linux but having a serious affair with macOS.

  • The obvious: VS Code, Composer, Ubuntu, macOS, git.
  • Package Managers: Composer, NPM, Yarn, Pip, Apt.
  • Terminals: Terminal, iTerm.
  • CLI: Vim, ZSH, SSH.
  • Editors: Sublime, Atom.
  • Misc.: Postman, Adminer.

My Recent Projects:

Console Logger

A simple composer installable package to add logs in Browser Console.

Model Notes

Laravel Package to add Notes against any Laravel Eloquent Model.


Instructions to help you setup environment for hosting PHP Application.


Instructions to help you setup environment for hosting Node Application.